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Payouts Guaranteed by LeagueSafe

SafeLeagues payouts are secured by LeagueSafe. For seven years, LeagueSafe has been the industry’s gold standard in fantasy sports funds security. If you enter a SafeLeague, you can rest assured that payouts will be made as promised.

Created by Fantasy Experts

SafeLeagues founder Paul Charchian practically invented fantasy football. Okay, not really, but he’s the president of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and has been a titan in the industry since people were shorter and lived closer to water. You can trust Charch.

Incredibly Quick Payouts

By leveraging LeagueSafe’s technology, we’re able to offer unheard of turnaround times on prize payouts. We pay out SafeLeagues winners within hours of the end of Week 16, and you can withdraw your winnings instantly via one of LeagueSafe’s tried and true withdrawal methods.

Lucrative Prize Pools

Our payouts are as good as any in the industry (often better). First-place prize winners are awarded at least half of the league’s total entry fee pool, and our re-draft leagues pay out three places.

Empire Leagues

Empire leagues are our unique spin on dynasty leagues. Our Empire format provides very lucrative long-term payouts with a low annual cost of entry. Offered exclusively by SafeLeagues, you can learn more about Empire leagues below.

Full-Service, Competitive Leagues

Every SafeLeagues has a real, live commissioner who will help guide you through the registration process, monitor your league’s draft, and provide full-service support throughout the regular season. Furthermore, if a team in your league is abandoned, we’ll take that team over to maintain competitive balance.

We are not currently filling new leagues for 2017.