Fantasy Baseball: 5/29 DraftKings Discussion


Bauer Power! (Photo: Icon Sportswire)

I fell off the wagon. No, not that wagon. I actually haven’t been on that wagon … yet. Anyways, I was supposed to be writing on a more regular basis, but my last article was … let’s see … two weeks ago! My bad. Actually, it’s double my bad because the advice from that day led to zero dollars for anyone, including myself. But hey, that happens sometimes. I swear to Zod, though, I cash on DK 94% of the time. I’m like Cynthia what’s-her-face but with junk. Unfortunately, I’m only in the black roughly 40% of that 94% of the time. Does that make sense? No. No it does not.

I’m going to spare you (and I) the summary table because, as mentioned, my last article was a dumpster fire. If you’re going to lose in DFS, you better lose big, because nothing is worse than the bubble. But I’m ready for redemption, so continue reading if you want to see where my head’s at tonight. Oh yeah, congrats to maxdalury for a monster showing in the MEGA Payoff Pitch. Truly impressive, and I mean that. But stop dumping 300+ entries into low-level contests like the early Moonshot. It’s bad for the industry and basically a D-bag move. That is all.

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Stupid Weather, Man
There are only two games that look like they are in danger of the dreaded PPD, and they are TOR/MIN and LAD/STL. My gut tells me they will get these games in, but my gut also tells me that Taco Bell’s breakfast is a good idea, so who knows?

They Say it is Your Birthday
No birthdays to report [insert sad trombone].

The Brian Brain Dump
Cole Hamels ($10,200)
is the play tonight. The Rockies are abysmal against LHP, and Hamels was able to drop 28 DK points on them at Coors on 5/18. He’ll be at home tonight where the altitude is much lower, but the collective anger is much higher.

I will probably moonwalk from Matt Harvey ($10,600) against the Marlins. Yes, the fish like to whiff, but all this dead arm talk makes me nervous.  Plus, Miami touched him up in mid-April to the tune of eight hits and four ER.

Trevor Bauer ($8,100) versus the Mariners is pretty enticing. Seattle is averaging nearly eight strikeouts per game, and they hold a collective 22.5 K% against RHP. Bauer is top-25 in K/9, and he has double-digit K potential anytime he takes the mound.

I live in Minnesota, and looking out the window, I see rain. It’s a crappy day up here, and I’m hoping there will baseball at Target Field tonight because Mark Buehrle (LHP) will be on the bump for Toronto. Buehrle is top-20 in HR/9, and he has struggled mightily on the road this season (6.30 ERA and .397 wOBA against). Weather permitting, I’m smelling a Twins stack comprised of guys like Brian Dozier ($4,600), Torii Hunter ($4,200), Trevor Plouffe ($4,100), Eduardo Nunez ($3,800), Aaron Hicks ($3,400), and Kurt Suzuki ($3,100).

Another potential stack option is the Tigers against Hector Santiago (LHP), who is pitching over his head (4.50 xFIP and .257 BABIP). The Motor City Kitties are also third in OPS versus southpaws (.773), and I’m going back to the well for the stack that burned me last night. We call that the Eric Decker theory around these parts. You can ask CP what that means. Stackables include Miguel Cabrera ($4,900), Yoenis Cespedes ($4,400), J.D. Martinez ($4,000), Ian Kinsler ($4,000), Rajai Davis ($3,800), and Nick Castellanos ($3,500).

Joc Pederson ($3,800) is way too cheap. John Lackey (RHP) is no slouch, but Joc Jams owns a .424 wOBA and .352 ISO against righties. Oh yeah, he also has the fourth most dongs in all of baseball (12), and thankfully DK won’t dock you points if when he whiffs.

Skip Schumaker ($2,300) would be a nice punt option at 2B if he starts. Man, Stephen Strasburg (RHP) sucks. He’s so cooked. Let’s mini-stack with Jay Bruce ($4,000), Joey Votto ($4,000), and Brayan Pena ($2,500), shall we?

Chris Colabello ($3,100) is on the wrong side of the platoon against Trevor May (RHP), but he is paying a visit to the team that put him on waivers last year (Twins), so revenge is in the air.

Josh Hamilton ($3,600) is back in the mix. He’s the cheapest source of power you can find tonight and will be facing something called Steven Wright (RHP), and no, I’m not talking about guy on the couch. Hambone is a ticking time bomb in seasonal formats, but I’ll roll the dice on him on what will be a humid night in Texas.

Brandon Crawford ($3,800) has my spidey sense tingling. Well it’s either Crawford or beer #3. Either way, he owns a .937 OPS at home, and left-handed batters are slugging .561 against Mike Foltynewicz (RHP).

Juan Centeno ($2,200) is in play if you DGAF at catcher tonight. He’s hitting seventh for Milwaukee and is on the right side of the platoon against Rubby De La Rosa (LHP). Rubby … what a great name.

I’m tired of typing. Good luck tonight, and be sure to double-check those lineups!

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