Who Are We?

SafeLeagues-main-logo-greenOur parent company, LeagueSafe, was designed for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is providing peace of mind for fantasy owners who play in real money fantasy leagues with commissioners they don’t know and/or don’t trust. LeagueSafe has already proven to be an effective vehicle to prevent fraudulent and/or reckless activity on a small scale.

Unfortunately, even large, supposedly trustworthy organizations have failed to meet payout obligations in recent years. That has to stop.

There are plenty of contest operators out there who are, in fact trustworthy. Some of them already use LeagueSafe. We’re not here to push anyone out of the space and we support other contest operators who use our services.

However, our unique combination of fantasy experience coupled with a 100% integrated payment and payout solution made it a no-brainer for us to throw our hat in the ring with SafeLeagues.

We’re confident that all of our leagues will be fun, fair, and above all, safe. SafeLeagues payouts are guaranteed by LeagueSafe. You can rest assured you’ll get your hard-earned winnings, and you’ll get them very quickly after the end of the season.