SafeLeagues NFL 2016 Redraft Leagues Official Rules


All leagues are comprised of 12 teams and all league results are based on head-to-head (points) competition. Each league is divided into two six-team divisions. You will play every team in your league at least once and two teams within your division twice. The divisional opponents that are played twice will be selected at random before your league’s draft. The regular season runs from Week 1 through Week 13, and the playoffs will be held from Week 14 through Week 16. There are six teams that will advance to the playoffs. Please see “League Schedule” below for the full breakdown.


SafeLeagues proudly uses MyFantasyLeague (MFL) as our game play provider. Owners will receive a link and login information to their MFL league after making payment for their league.


Re-Draft league payouts are as follows:

Turbo Leagues ($25 entry fee):

  • Playoff champion: $200
  • Playoff runner-up: free entry to a $25 Turbo League next year

Pro Leagues ($50 entry fee):

  • Playoff champion: $325
  • Playoff runner-up: $100
  • Third place: free entry to a $50 Newb League next year

Vet Leagues ($100 entry fee):

  • Playoff champion: $650
  • Playoff runner-up: $250
  • Third place: free entry to a $100 Vet League next year

All-Star Leagues ($250 entry fee):

  • Playoff champion: $1,700
  • Playoff runner-up: $550
  • Third place: free entry to a $250 Pro League next year

Elite Leagues ($500 entry fee):

  • Playoff champion: $3,500
  • Playoff runner-up: $1,200
  • Third place: free entry to a $500 Elite League next year

Baller Leagues ($1,000 entry fee):

  • Playoff champion: $7,500
  • Playoff runner-up: $2,000
  • Third place: free entry to a $1,000 Baller League next year

All league finances will be administered by SafeLeagues through the LeagueSafe website. End-of-season payouts will be allocated in accordance with the Terms of Service.


All teams are comprised of 14 players (nine starters and five bench players), as follows:

  • 1 Quarterback
  • 2 Running Backs
  • 3 Wide Receivers
  • 1 Tight End
  • 1 Flex Player (RB/WR/TE)
  • 1 Kicker
  • 5 Bench Spots

*Please note, you are NOT required to fill all starting lineup requirements in the draft, but your staring lineup must be filled by the start of Week 1, and you must maintain a valid starting roster (every week) from that point on indefinitely. In addition, all owners must carry a valid roster, meaning all positional minimums (starting lineup requirements) listed above must be rostered at all times (i.e. you must have at least 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRS, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 Kicker).

***Also, Injured Reserve (IR) designation is not available for any player in Redraft league formats (such as yours).

Roster Lock

Players in your starting lineup will lock at their scheduled kickoff. That means you can add/remove a player from your starting lineup as long as their game hasn’t started.


SafeLeagues Re-Draft leagues use a PPR-based scoring system. Full details:

League Scoring System


From time-to-time, SafeLeagues may offer customized scoring options for certain leagues. In such instances, owners should refer to the specific promotions being offered through the SafeLeagues website and/or through communications with SafeLeagues employees. Commonly-used custom scoring leagues may include the following:


Superflex leagues are leagues in which owners may choose to play a QB, RB, WR, or TE in their Flex spot. In such leagues, the scoring system will be altered as follows: QB scoring is modified so that QBs receive 1 point for every 40 passing yards (instead of 1 point per 25 passing yards in our standard scoring system). If your league has been designated a Superflex league by SafeLeagues, these custom rules supersede the default roster and scoring options shown above.


SafeLeagues offers Live Drafts, Email Drafts, and Auction Drafts. Please read below for further descriptions of each option.

Live Drafts

Live drafts are run on MFL and come complete with an interactive chat room, a timer to keep things moving, and audio announcements of players as they’re picked. If you can’t be at the live draft, you can still make it work by ranking players in advance using MFL’s pre-draft feature, “My Draft List.”

If an owner does not make a pick before the timer expires, the system will automatically pick a player for the owner based on the highest-ranked available player, on the owner’s “My Draft List” player ranking, and then once that list is exhausted, according to rankings displayed on MFL’s ADP page. If you allow the timer to expire twice in a row, your next pick will be automatically made the next time you’re on the clock.

If you are late to the draft room, or have to leave and return, be sure to check and see that auto-draft is not enabled. You will know you’re on auto-draft if the “I’m Away” box is checked (located under the Player List).

Prior to the draft, all leagues will have their draft order randomly generated by MFL once the league has completely filled, and all owners have accepted their MFL invite (you may see a draft order on the site when you sign up – this will change once the league has filled and the order is randomized). All owners will receive an email when the official draft order has been randomized and determined. The draft is comprised of 14 rounds and will be serpentine, meaning the draft order reverses at the end of each round.

Every owner will have 90 seconds to make their selection, and no trades are allowed before or during the draft.

Live Turbo Drafts

Live Turbo drafts are just like Live Drafts, except that the draft timer is set to just 45 seconds per draft pick. Turbo Drafts usually take an hour or less to complete.

Email Drafts

If you would prefer to a serpentine draft over the course of several days or even weeks, you can partake in an email draft. MFL tracks all the details and sends emails after each pick to update everyone on the draft’s progress.  The draft order is randomized and the draft will begin as soon as the league is full.

The draft timer will be set at four hours per selection, but the clock will be suspended over night from 12 AM EST to 8 AM EST.  In the event an owner allows the time limit to expire, their pick will be automatically made based on MFL’s ADP or the pre-draft function, which allows owners to rank players in their preferred order (to be drafted).

*Because of the varying times picks are made in an email draft, incorrect picks cannot be reverted by the commissioner under any circumstance. Owners are solely responsible for entering their correct pick, and ensuring it is the player they want before they hit submit. Please use caution!


Live Auction Drafts

Live auction drafts will use an ESPN auction room for the initial player distribution auction, which means every owner is required to have an ESPN account.

Once the auction on ESPN is complete, your SafeLeagues commissioner will import rosters into MyFantasyLeague, which is where the season will be played out.

Upon signing up for a Live Auction Draft league on SafeLeagues, owners will receive three emails:

  • An invite to join the MFL League
  • An invite to join the ESPN league for the auction draft
  • A SafeLeagues Welcome email

Owners are required to join both the ESPN and MFL League using the same email address and team name, so SafeLeagues can quickly and efficiently import rosters once the auction is complete.

As per ESPN’s rules, in order for a SafeLeagues commissioner to be present in the auction room, he must be listed as an owner in the league.  Because ESPN does not allow commissioners to access the auction room without also being an owner of one of the teams in the league, SafeLeagues has the following work-around in place: The first person to register for the league on SafeLeagues (“Owner 1″) will be assigned as a co-owner of the SafeLeague’s commissioner’s team (on ESPN only).

Owner 1 will be entirely responsible for drafting his/her team in the auction. The SafeLeagues commissioner WILL NOT provide any advice or make any bids throughout the auction. The only action the commissioner will take in the auction room is to pause the timer if need be, or retract any bids or purchases made in error.

*Please note any incorrect bid or player purchases must be brought to the commissioner’s attention before the next player is put up for auction. Otherwise, all player sales are final.

The random nomination order will be automatically generated before the auction begins, and keep in mind that you can access the auction room 30 minutes before it begins.

For efficiency in creating the ESPN leagues, only the league settings that matter for the auction will be correct (roster size, required starting lineup positions, and league scoring). Please ignore all other settings in your ESPN leagues and refer to the SafeLeagues website and/or your MFL home page for the full set of rules, scoring system, etc.

All owners will start with $100 in auction funds, and the minimum opening bid is $1. All owners MUST fill all required roster spots and starting lineup requirements in the auction.

Owners will have 30 seconds to nominate a player, and each time a new bid is placed, the bid clock will revert to 10 seconds until no more bids are made and the player is purchased.

No trades are allowed before or during the draft.

Live Draft Support

Owners are solely responsible for accessing the live draft or auction room in time for their league’s assigned draft time. SafeLeagues will make a reasonable effort to assist owners in getting into the draft room and making their picks on time, but will not be held responsible for late arrivals, technology failures, slow internet connections, etc.

A SafeLeagues Commissioner will be online monitoring the first round of every live draft. SafeLeagues reserves the right to take any action necessary, including inaction, to pause the draft or modify draft picks in the event of an owner experiencing an unexpected result after making their pick. If owners believe an error has been made, they must notify the commissioner before the next draft pick has been made.

Draft Cancellation Policy

If a league has not filled within one hour of the scheduled draft time, the league will be dissolved. All paid owners will be issued full refunds and asked to find a new league.


Each league is divided into two six-team divisions. Owners will play every team in the league at least once and two teams within their division twice. The divisional opponents that are played twice will be selected at random before your league’s draft.  Tie scores are permitted during regular season play.

The regular season begins on Week 1 of the NFL season and will end at the conclusion of Week 13.


Six teams qualify for the playoffs, as follows: the winner of each division (highest winning %) and four wild card teams. In the event there is a tie for a divisional title, a divisional winner will be determined by the following tie-breaking criteria:

  • Total Points Scored
  • Divisional Winning Percentage
  • Reverse Order of Opponent Total Points Scored

The four wild card spots will now be decided by all-play winning percentage (regardless of division) not total points scored. Again, that’s ALL-PLAY winning percentage, not just winning-percentage. All-play winning percentage is determined by taking your weekly score and putting it against the scores of every other team (on a weekly basis). So, the best you can do in a week is go 11-0 (1.000% all-play percentage), and the worst you can do is 0-11 (0.000% all-play percentage).   Any ties in wild card seeding will be broken with the following criteria:

  • Total Points Scored
  • Reverse Order of Opponent Total Points Scored

The top two seeds receive a bye in Week 14, while the #3 seed plays the #6 seed, and the #4 seed plays the #5 seed. In the event of a tie score in a playoff game, the following tie-breaking criteria will be utilized to determine a winner:

  • Most total starter combined TDs
  • Highest individual starter score
  • Highest total bench points

SafeLeagues will do its best to monitor for ties, but owners involved in a tied playoff game MUST contact their SafeLeagues commissioner, so he can apply the tiebreaking criteria to the matchup and determine a winner.

Once winners have been determined for the opening round of the playoffs, the #1 seed will face the winner of the #4 and #5 seed game, and the #2 seed will face the winner of the #3 and #6 seed game (in Week 15). The winners of the Week 15 matchups will then compete in the championship game held in Week 16. The losers of the Week 15 matchups will compete in the consolation game for the third-place prize (also in Week 16).


Trading is permitted, but all trades must be approved by SafeLeagues, which will act as the governing body for each league. Each trade will be reviewed and analyzed by a SafeLeagues commissioner. Generally speaking, only trades that appear to be obviously lopsided or unfair, and/or that alter the competitive balance of the league, will be rejected. All trades will either be approved or rejected within 24 hours of acceptance. In all instances, SafeLeagues’ ruling is final and cannot be appealed or disputed.

Trading of FAAB budget is not allowed.

Trading will be allowed immediately at the conclusion of your league’s draft and up until the trade deadline, which is Wednesday, October 26 (8:00 PM EST).


Weekly Trade Deadline

Prior to Week 1, trades involving players in the Thursday night game must be accepted by Wednesday, September 7 at 8 PM EST. All other trades involving players in the Sunday/Monday games must be accepted by Saturday 12 at 1 PM EST.

After the conclusion of Week 1, trades can be accepted starting on Tuesdays at 12 AM EST. The deadline for accepting deals involving Thursday night players is 8 PM EST on Wednesday every week up until the trade deadline.

For all other deals involving Sunday/Monday players, the deadline for acceptance is 1 PM EST on Saturday.

Season Trade Deadline

The final trade deadline for all SafeLeagues Re-Draft leagues is Wednesday, October 26, 2016, at 8 PM EST. This is the Wednesday prior to the first Week 8 game.


All leagues utilize a Free Agents Acquisition Budgets (FAAB) Blind-Bidding waivers system. Each owner begins the season with a $100 FAAB budget to place blind bids on waived players. To pick up a player who is on waivers, a minimum bid of $1 must be made. The owner with the highest bid will acquire the player, and for the exact dollar amount that was bid. Since this is blind-bidding, other owners will not be able to see your bid amount (and for what player) until waiver claims are processed. All bid amounts must be made in $1 increments.

Players who were dropped during the bidding process will not be available for acquisition until the next blind bidding period.

In the event two or more owners bid an equal amount on the same player, the following criteria will be used (in a worst-to-first manner) to break the tie:

  • Overall Winning Percentage
  • Total Points Scored
  • All-Play Winning Percentage

After each waiver claim period is complete, first-come-first-served (FCFS) players will be available for pick up. All FCFS transactions are $0 and nothing will be deducted from your FAAB balance.

Please see below for this season’s blind-bidding and FCFS timelines.

Pre-Season Acquisitions

For leagues drafting prior to August 1, owners may begin submitting blind bids for undrafted free agents on August 1 at 11:00 AM ET. For leagues drafting after August 1, owners may begin submitting blind bids immediately after the conclusion of the draft. For all leagues, the first round of waiver claims will be processed on Wednesday, September 7 at 1:00 PM EST (the day before the NFL season begins).

FCFS players will be available for pick up immediately after the first round of claims are processed and will remain available until kick-off of each player’s respective game in Week 1.

In-Season Acquisitions

After the conclusion of Week 1, the first in-season blind-bidding period will begin on Tuesday at 12:00 AM EST and conclude on Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST. At that point, all waiver claims will be processed, and all unclaimed players will be available on a FCFS basis until their respective game kicks off for that week.

Once a player’s game kicks off, they will be put on waivers until the next bidding period begins on the following Tuesday (at 12:00 AM EST). This schedule/cycle will continue on a weekly basis for the remainder of the fantasy season.

In addition, once a player is acquired (either through blind-bidding or FCFS), that player cannot be dropped for 24 hours.

Conditional Bidding

Conditional bidding allows an owner to bid on player A and if not awarded, then bid on player B. Non-conditional (“regular”) bidding just has an owner bid on player A and then bid on player B. In this latter case, the owner could get both players A and B. In the former, the owner would only get one of the two.

Note that in Conditional Bidding an owner would enter players in multiple groups in order to receive several players, but the Groups are merely placeholders for these bids and have no weighted value. Generally speaking, the easiest way to think about submitting bids is that owners should submit a new bidding group for each player that they want to DROP from their roster.

For a more detailed description of Conditional Bidding, click here.


As an anti-collusion measure, there will be a list of players deemed “undroppable.” In all instances, SafeLeagues will adhere to the Game Play Site’s preferred “can’t cut” or “undroppable” list.


We are dedicated to ensuring all SafeLeagues are competitive throughout the entire season. The act of “throwing games” (i.e. losing on purpose by submitting a lineup containing injured players, players on bye, or obviously under-performing players) is strictly prohibited. SafeLeagues reserves the right to immediate remove any owner deemed to be deliberately throwing games from the league. Teams that are abandoned in this way will be taken over by SafeLeagues and run as if owned by SafeLeagues for the duration of the season. See the section entitled “Abandoned Teams” for further details.

SafeLeagues reserves the right to take whatever action is deemed necessary, including inaction, to rectify a situation related to throwing games.

If you believe a team in your league is deliberately throwing games, you must notify your SafeLeagues commissioner via email to address the issue. It is solely up to SafeLeagues to determine whether a team is deliberately throwing games, and to determine the appropriate course of action. In a situation where such a determination has not been made until after games have already started for that week (or previous weeks, in the event the tanking owner is not identified until after they have submitted intentionally bad lineups for several weeks), SafeLeagues will retroactively set the tanking owner’s lineup based on the “Expert Consensus Rankings” found on for each week that the owner submitted a deliberately bad lineup. In such a scenario, the overall W-L result for the applicable weeks will never be altered. Note that the “all play winning %” will be effected by such a retroactive scoring change.


When a team has been deemed abandoned, either because of a suspected cheating owner or a non-responsive owner who is no longer actively managing their team, SafeLeagues will assume control of that team. We will do our best to run the team in a fair manner, as to not disrupt the competitive balance of the league.

If needed, the abandoned, SafeLeagues-run team will participate in waiver activity in order to keep a valid, competitive roster, but they will not be involved in any trade activity whatsoever. Abandoned teams that are being managed by SafeLeagues are not eligible to receive prizes.


Under no condition, will any rules or settings be changed during the season.