SafeLeagues Empire Orphanage

Welcome to the SafeLeagues Empire Orphanage! Listed below are links to leagues that have an abandoned team and are in need of a new owner. All leagues listed (except for one) are going into their second year.

Feel free to follow the link for each league and poke around.  All orphaned teams are named **FOR SALE** and you can view each roster via the “Rosters” tab to the middle-left of the league home page. You can also see who is the defending champ (and chasing the Emperor crown) via the “Draft” tab. The defending champs will have the 12th pick. Of course, you can also see what draft picks each orphan has under the same tab.

It’s very important to remember that you are entitled to an equal share of the existing Empire pot … which is a pretty nice incentive. The original owners who abandoned their teams were not refunded that portion of the 2015 entry fee. It is essentially yours for the taking.

You will need a LeagueSafe account to adopt an orphan, so please create one if you haven’t already. Also, please note legal residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Indiana are unfortunately ineligible to participate in contests offered by our site.

For any further questions or to claim a team, please contact

Thanks for stopping by!